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USF Football's All-Tank Of Gas Team

Last week we presented our All-Hillsborough-Pinellas Team, and this week we're going to do the exact opposite of that. While a lot has been made of the ability of USF to succeed by recruiting in their own back yard, they've found a lot of talent beyond the area as well. So we decided to come up with a team made up of players the coaches would not have been able to leave campus and visit with just one tank of gas. We settled on a round trip of at least 300 miles, because let's face it, most college cars barely get past that before having to fill up again. And also because it was literally impossible to do an All-Out of State team -- there weren't enough eligible players.

So we plugged in Google Maps and located each player's high school to see how far it was from the official campus address of 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33620. We aren't going to lie -- this will be the best team we will put together. So without further ado, here is USF's All-Tank Of Gas Team:

QB: B.J. Daniels (2008-current, 536 miles from USF to Tallahassee Lincoln HS and back)

Daniels took over the starting job after Matt Grothe's injury in 2009, and hasn't let go of the starting position since. Daniels started to look comfortable in the new offense coach Holtz implemented last season and is looking for a big 2011. (It helped that we weren't trying to do an out-of-state team, because then the only choices were Ronnie Banks or Grant Gregory.)

RB: Demetris Murray (2008-current, 972 miles to Buford (GA) HS and back); Rafael Williams (1997-2000, 364 miles to Perry Taylor HS and back)

Demetris is coming off of a strong 2010 where he split time with Moise Plancher, and will be looking to fight off Darrell Scott for the starting position this year. Rafael was a rock for those first few teams and is second in USF history with 2,253 rushing yards.

WR: Charlie Jackson (1997-2000, 558 miles to Miami Edison HS and back); Dontavia Bogan (2007-10, 548 miles to Thomasville (GA) Central County HS and back); Jessie Hester (2005-09, 362 miles to Belle Glade Glades Central HS and back)

Bogan, Hester, and Jackson are all in the top 10 in USF history in receptions and yards gained. Charlie was a solid contributor in those first four years. Bogan had a monster 2010 after being a solid 2nd option the previous three seasons. Hester always found a knack for being open when it mattered most. His game-winning TD against Auburn is considered the biggest moment in USF history.

TE: Cedric Hill (2005-08, 474 miles to Valdosta (GA) HS and back)

Ced has the most career receptions in USF history for a tight end, and was an extremely underrated as a blocker. Probably the second best tight end in school history behind Trevor Hypolite.

OL: Walt Walker (2003-07, 520 miles to Fort Lauderdale South Plantation HS and back); Jeremiah Warren (2007-current (658 miles to Panama City Bay HS and back); Sampson Genus (2007-10, 334 miles to Lake City Columbia HS and back); Frank Davis (2001-05, 6000ish miles to Panama and back); Marc Dile (2004-08, 558 miles to Miami Edison HS and back)

This is seriously a brick wall. All five started at least two seasons for the Bulls, and when Warren finishes this season, all will have started in parts of three. Warren would slip off to tackle in this formation with Davis and Walker manning the guard spots.

As you can see, we had to guess on how far Frank Davis was from Tampa. We couldn't get directions to ANYWHERE in Panama, so we had to just make a solid guess after getting as far as Tapachula, Mexico.

The defense and the specialists after the jump.

DL: George Selvie
(2005-09, 924 miles to Pensacola Pine Forest HS and back); Richard Clebert (2004-07, 558 miles to Miami Edison HS and back); Terrell McClain (2007-10, 924 miles to Pensacola HS and back); Jason Pierre-Paul (2009, 470 miles to Deerfield Beach HS and back)

Wow. That is one stacked defensive line. These are maybe the four best defensive lineman in USF history, and I honestly don't know who the offensive line would focus on. All I can say is good luck.

LB: Vassay Marc (1997-2000, 558 miles to Miami Northwestern HS and back); Stephen Nicholas (2002-06, 382 miles to Jacksonville Lee HS and back); Kion Wilson (2008-09, 388 miles to Jacksonville Raines HS and back)

Once again, this is an extremely talented group of linebackers. Kion was a tackling machine in the two years he was on campus, and his 105 tackle effort his senior year is seventh all time. Nicholas is third in USF history in career tackles with 326, and second in tackles for loss with 53.5. Vassay was a little undersized, but man was he a little ball of hate on those early teams.

DB: Jerome Murphy (2005-09, 2,204 miles to Elizabeth (NJ) HS and back); Kayvon Webster (2009-current, 550 miles to Miami Monsignor Pace HS and back); Carlton Williams (2004-08, 474 miles to Valdosta (GA) HS and back); Louis Gachette (2004-08, 324 miles to Immokalee HS and back)

If this is the weakest part of the team, we are in good shape here. Carlton and Gachette were more known as nickel backs since Nate Allen started at safety during their time at USF. Murphy was known for his aggressive style of play on the edge, and Webster looks to take the reins to the secondary after being a part-time starter the last two years.

K: Bill Gramatica (1998-2000, 308 miles from USF to LaBelle HS and back)

63 yards. That's all that needs to be said. And LaBelle is just far enough away to slip in under the wire.

P: Devin Sanderson (1999-2002, 2,036 miles to Mullicia Hills (NJ) Clearview HS and back)

Devin's 40.9 yards per punt over his USF career is the best in Bulls history.