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Your Holtzism of the Week

Welcome to our weekly look at the weird and hilarious things that come out of Coach Skip Holtz's mouth. I thought Skip might break out a few bon mots this week with the start of camp, but he was actually a little subdued. However, someone at USF picked up the slack and really brought the thunder in an interview this week.

In the middle of Greg Auman's fantastic profile piece on senior CB Quenton Washington, defensive backs coach Rick Smith rolled out this doozy when talking about Washington's attitude when he first met him:

"He thought he was better than he was. He was lazy. Didn't work out like he should. I told him for a corner at his level, I said, 'You're weak as pondwater,' " Smith bluntly recalled.

If the assistant coaches are going to be firing off quotes like this all season, it's going to be extremely hard for me to cut it down to just one per week.

Have a great weekend everyone! We'll keep doing the roster stampede and practice roundups through the weekend as long as there's news to share.