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Daily Bull-ogopshere: August 9

There was just as much interesting practice news as non-practice news, so the Bull-ogosphere returns for at least a day. Let's get to it.

1. There was gnashing of teeth and rending of garments in the DeCelles home last evening as Rock Shoulders decided to sign with the Chicago Cubs instead of joining the USF baseball team. Although the Cubs picked him in the 20th round, it sounds like they money-whipped him and Rock just couldn't resist the opportunity (especially when they kicked in some education money). We're calling it. It's over. The 2012 baseball season is officially ruined and it doesn't even start for another 6 1/2 months.

2. If you're one of those fancy high-rollers with ESPN 3D, you'll be able to watch two USF football games on that channel this fall. The Bulls' games against PIttsburgh (September 29) and West Virginia (December 1) will both be shown on ESPN 3D. The best part of these games, aside from the 3D technology, is that Craig James is nowhere to be found! See, that extra investment is already paying off. #5DH

DIRECTV, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon FiOS all carry ESPN 3D. And remember Jesse, 3D makes you look "fat," not "phat."

3. On the field in Vero Beach, the Bulls were fortunate to get a full workout in despite a rain storm. Both Greg Auman and Adam Adkins have stories about Chaz Hine shifting from guard to center during fall practice, even though he hadn't done much work at center leading up to camp. ("A grand total of 25 snaps," said Hine.) I'm a bit apprehensive about moving a multi-year starter to a new position, but Ken is less concerned than me. He likes having Danous Estenor on the field along with Jeremiah Warren and Hine to anchor the middle of the offensive line, and it's hard to argue against that kind of power.

4.'s Training Camp Central doesn't have a photo gallery because of the rain, but they do have interviews with Holtz, Hine, Kayvon Webster, and Andreas Shields. There's also a mini-feature about the starting safeties, Jerrell Young and Jon LeJiste.

5. USF Nation (the Bulls' Scout site) also has some free practice content, including pictures and some observations about how the offense fared in full pads and in the rain. The team mixed in some scrimmage-like activity yesterday by working on various downs and distances, which made it easier to see who "won" a play.