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Daily Bull-ogosphere: September 13

Good morning V5ers! We hope you guys had a better night then the Dolphins trying to guard anyone in a Patriots jersey. On to the links!

1. Congrats to B.J. Daniels and Mark Joyce, who were named Big East Offensive and Special Teams Players of the Week. After B.J.'s career day and Mark's heads up play to open the game up against Ball State, both are well deserved.

2. Mark over at The Big East Coast Bias has the highlights from this week's Big East coaches teleconferece, and once again Skip Holtz is a happy man after Saturday.

3. After just missing out last week, USF finally takes the top spot in the Big East Power Poll. Good to see On the Banks keep Rutgers at 3rd this week while throwing Pitt down to 6th.

4. For you NCAA roster nuts, Greg has a post on some updated weight numbers. Good to see Darrell Williams already up 21 pounds. He's still about 20 pounds less than where I'd want him, but 266 is a lot better than 245.

5. Jose Fernandez is starting up a blog over at, and his first post is this week. Jose is always a great person to talk to, so this should be required reading.