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If The ACC Wants Pittsburgh And Syracuse, USF Has A Problem

The short version of this story is that the ACC is talking to Syracuse and Pittsburgh, and no one else, and no one will comment on what kind of talks are being had or how serious they are. It's an anonymous source, but it's the New York Times, not, so I think this story has some credibility.

Here's the problem, and it's the same one that I outlined over a year ago, although the exact situation is a little different. USF is likely up a creek unless 16-team conferences break out. There's nowhere for us to go if the Big East gets pried apart and no one decides to go full monty on expanding their leagues. Well, nowhere except down into a pit of near-permanent semi-irrelevance.

I really don't have a whole lot to say right now. Maybe I just don't want to think about the possibility of a new life with our fellow screwed-over, likely-to-be-former BCS mates... like UConn and Cincinnati and Baylor, or all the Conference USA riffraff. Or maybe it's because it occurred to me that this would have been a really good time for Lee Roy Selmon to do what he could to get USF into its best possible position. Or maybe it's because if the whole thing goes down the tubes, there's really nothing USF could have done differently except for what the late Tom McEwen wanted to say when the football program was first approved:

"We should have started 40 years ago." 

Oh well, let's just worry about the game tomorrow and deal with this some other time. (Just like John Marinatto!)

P.S. USF being left behind from the superconference era, right at the point when they might have their best chance ever to win the Big East and get into a BCS bowl, would be the most USF athletics thing ever. Once again, this blog is properly named.