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Daily Bull-ogosphere: September 18

Good morning V5ers! We hope you guys had a better weekend than John Marinatto. Seriously. If it was as bad as John's then I feel really bad for you. On to the links!

1. After a couple of shaky weeks (including an ill-advised gamble on a Florida A&M touchdown on Saturday), it looks like senior CB Quenton Washington is in danger of losing his starting position. This is probably more of a message being sent to Q more than anything else. I am happy to see George Baker doing well over the last couple of weeks.

2. Congrats to the Half-Hoops for taking a big 2-0 victory over #10 UC-Irvine yesterday at The Kop. That's just what the team needs as they head to Big East play.

3. If you were wondering why B.J. Daniels was randomly put back in the game late in the third quarter, Tom Zebold has the answer for you.

4. The volleyball team had a tough time in the great white north this weekend, losing both games in the Wisconsin InnTowner Invitational before falling to Northern Illinois on Sunday.

5. Finally, the Lady Half-Hoops were able to salvage a draw against Pittsburgh up in the Steel City. Given the circumstances over the weekend, I was hoping they'd drop an 8 spot on them.