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Voodoo Five BlogPoll Draft Ballot

After their big victory on the road against Florida State, Oklahoma jumped over Alabama to claim the number one spot on our draft ballot this week. We also five new teams bottom of the poll, but you'll probably see that from our ballot over the next couple of weeks. Some notes on the ballot after the jump.

  • We couldn't drop FSU that much aft playing extremely close against Oklahoma. Two spots seemed about right.
  • Oklahoma State and USC were the big movers upwards this week after their convincing wins over the weekend.
  • Texas A&M and Arkansas are down due to Gary putting them in the 20s in his ballot due to a lack of competition.
  • FIU and Houston are in the Also Receiving Votes category on our ballot this week.

So what do you guys think? We have until tomorrow at 9 AM to make any changes, so if you see have any suggestions let us know in the comments.