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Your Required Reading: UTEP

We actually have places for your to visit this week! Let's show you where to go if you want to talk UTEP football.

SB Nation:

If applicable, we will put a SB Nation blog at the top. Thankfully, the only Conference USA site on the network is our friends at Miner Rush. Head on over and say hi Adrian and asalom. 


The El Paso Times has a quality UTEP specific blog, the The Mine Shaft ran by Bret Bloomquist. The El Paso Times also has a general sports blog That Will Do ran by Duke Keith who does write a lot about the Miners as well. You should also check out The Prospector, UTEP's student newspaper.

Other Blogs:

Only one other quality blog that I found out there, but you should head on overcheck out to Miner Illustrated. They remind me a lot of the FAU Owl Access guys from last year.

Message Boards:

Two boards for you if you're up for it. The first is Kyyotes Den, an independent board much like TheBullsPen. There's also a message board on the Rivals site Miner Digs, which has a pretty active membership.

Official Site:

If you want more information like total stats and what Mike Price majored in, check out the UTEP official site.