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NCAA Conference Realignment: Big East, Big XII Talk Merger

I think we all knew it was coming after Pitt and Syracuse left the conference on Saturday. Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle was the first with the news that the other seven Big East Athletic Directors started talks with the Big XII to begins plans of a merger between the two conferences.

In the ESPN article, the merger would happen if Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State make their expected move to form the PAC-16. The first steps in the process happened earlier today as both Texas and Oklahoma gave their presidents permission to look at the PAC-12 as a possible destination. One interesting thing to note is while Oklahoma gave their President David Boren the ability to formally apply to a conference, Texas' Board of Regents will have the final say in terms of conference affiliation.

While its safe to say that Oklahoma (along with Oklahoma State) will be leaving shortly for the PAC-12 if they are accepted, the 300 million dollar behemoth known as the Longhorn Network might keep the Texas schools from joining. The Los Angeles Times' Chris Dufrense sent out a tweet that Texas has to agree to equal revenue sharing in order to join the conference, which means that the LHN would have to be modified as a regional network for the PAC-16.

If you're wondering about the other Big East schools at this moment, here is your quick hitter.

If USF is the only school that gets locked out, we might as well close up shop and call it a day.