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Your Holtzism Of The Week

Welcome back to our weekly look at the wild and wacky things that come out of Skip Holtz's mouth. There might have been something funny that Skip said this week, but I'm going with the focused Skip who is ready for the season opener tomorrow.

Ian Lanphier talked with Skip about keeping the team focused on the game and not on outside distractions,

We call it the circus -- the media circus, the fanfare, the interviews, getting pulled and tugged, the families ... -- all that stuff that goes on in college football is great. I mean, it's part of the pageantry that makes college football so great, but as a player in the game, it has zero effect on what happens between the lines. We're not gonna get off the bus with a camera around our neck. This is a business trip. This is not a tourist function that we're going to this weekend.

Happy Friday everyone! We will have a gamethread up for the Notre Dame game tomorrow, along with a preview and anything else we can write about before kick-off at 3:30.