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Your Conference Expansion Holtzism Of The Week

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Here is our sometimes weekly look into the awesome things that come out of Skip Holtz's mouth.

Let's be honest, we haven't really focused on UTEP this week with all the conference expansion mess that shouldn't happen in the middle of the season. During one of Skip's press conferences this week, someone asked Holtz about his thoughts on expansion, and he fired off a Holtzism of epic proportions in the process.

"As far as what we should do in the landscape of college football, there are people more intelligent and much more prepared to answer those questions than I am," he said. "I’ve said this before, if you ever want a question answered, go to the organ grinder, don’t go to the monkey. I’m just a monkey on the end of the chain, dancing on the sidewalk."

Man that is brilliant. Please don't leave us coach. I need these weekly quips to get through weeks like this one.