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The Day After: UTEP

Lots of stuff to get to from the Bulls' 52-24 win over UTEP last night.

- Once again, we start off with the official site, and first up is the recap from Tom Zebold. There's a quality photo gallery up which you can find here, and on the right hand side of our site and on the recap are a ton of quality videos for you to spend 20 minutes on. We didn't see it last week, but Andy Morr's social media recap is up for the week.

- Greg Auman and the St. Pete Times once again pumps a ton of quality content for you. First up is Greg's recap of the game, followed by the Times' photo gallery from the game. Here are a couple of videos of Skip talking about the game and the short turnaround as they get ready for Pitt on Thursday. Here's a post from Greg about the Terrence Mitchell injury, and how Skip was relieved that it wasn't as serious as it could have been. Finally, here is Greg's video roundup.

- The guys at Bulls 24/7 have their own photo gallery up from the game, which you can see here.

- Some good stuff from the UTEP perspective from the El Paso Times. First up is Bret Bloomquist's recap for the EPT, followed by some quick game notes on his EPT blog. The EPT also has a small photo gallery for you to see here.

- USF Nation has three videos up from Coach Holtz's press conference.

- Adam Adkins over at the Tampa Tribune finishes things up for us today. Like always, we start off with the recap from Adkins, followed by his game notes from last night. Finally, Michael Magnanello has a short post on the Terrence Mitchell injury as well.