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Daily Bull-ogosphere: September 28

Good morning V5ers! We hope you guys are having as good a day as Matt Joyce last night. On to the links!

1. Tom Zebold has a good article on Skip and his ability to focus on the present and not worry about past performances.

2. Not a big surprise, but Terrence Mitchell will not play tomorrow after his concussion Saturday against UTEP. Justin Pawlowski over at 620 WDAE gives a couple of options on who could replace T-Rex on the punt return unit.

3. Lelo Prado and the baseball team have picked up two verbal commitments for the updating recruiting class.

4. Forgot to link to this last week, but Half-Hoops GK Chris Blais was interviewed by Soccer By Ives about his transfer from Michigan to USF earlier this year and how he enjoying his time in Tampa.

5. Corey Dowlar over at Bulls 24/7 has a good (and free) article up on the difficulties the team has faced with such a short turnaround from the UTEP game.