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Protect Your Unit Game - Week 1 Picks

DISCLAIMER: These bets are for entertainment value only. No actual money is being wagered.

A lot of real life has interfered in the last 36 hours, so let's rush through these picks and get them on the record. We'll start with last year's champion, Scott from Bearcats Blog, and then go through the rest of the bets in alphabetical order.

Scott (Bearcats Blog):

I have no clever analysis, so I'll send my picks to you.

- $30 on Kentucky -18
- 30 on TCU -4.5
- 30 on FSU -29.5
- $20 on USF +10
- 20 on Stanford -30
- 10 on UNLV +35.5 which is stupid because they will lose 49-0
- 10 on Syracuse -6

Andrew (The UConn Blog):

I'll take Wake +6 for $50
Mizzou -20.5 for $75
Michigan -13.5 for $75
Notre Dame -10 for $50

Casual Hoya (Casual Hoya):

Casual Hoya takes;

100 on the North Texas Mean Green +14

100 on Memphis +31

25 on wake + 6 @ cuse.

Chas Rich (Pitt Script):

$50 on Pitt -31 over Buffs. Bummed to see that the points for Buffalo-Pitt are off the board. Definitely would have taken the over.

$50 on TCU -4.5 over Baylor. I forget, does TCU count as a Big East team in the competition? Baylor with the upset seems to be a popular pick, but TCU is still the better team.

$50 on Texas -24.5 over Rice. After the past weeks for Texas and being blamed for everything but Rick Perry running for President, I have to believe they want to take out some aggression on a bunch of too-smart-for-their-own-good Rice players.


Chris Lane (The Nova Blog):

FIU -14 over North Texas ($50)
ND -10 over USF ($25)
Miss St -31 over Memphis ($25)
BYU -3 over Ole Miss ($100)
Georgia +3.5 over Boise State ($50)


More picks after the jump...

GarySJ (Voodoo Five):

AUBURN -23 over UTAH STATE, $50.
A defending national champ against a terrible WAC team and all I have to give is three touchdowns? Sold.

NORTH TEXAS +14 over FIU, $15. 
In early season pointspreads, storyline trumps reality. The storyline is "FIU, Defending Sun Belt Conference Champions!" The reality is they weren't much better than the rest of the league, which was awful. Also a bet on Dan McCarney's ability to make a bad team competitive.

These two teams played a really fun bowl game a couple years ago, with six overtimes and a thousand points on the board. And a 53 O/U seems low for any WAC defense.

None of the Big East lines jump out at me, so I'll make a small bet on the power of the rivalry game.

UNLV +35.5 over WISCONSIN, $25. 
Wisconsin always plays bad OOC teams close. Last year, they failed to beat UNLV, San Jose State, and Arizona State by 35 points combined.

CLEMSON -16 over TROY, $30. 
I'm going for a season-long experiment: that I can predict Clemson's mental state, and therefore pick the exact times they'll choke horribly, and the times they'll play great because everybody's given up on them. I have a theory that Clemson's underachiving comes in predictable patterns.

With that in mind, this is the sort of game Clemson dominates. There's no Clemson hype going into the season, and they have enough talent to simply run over this opponent no matter how incompetent their playcalling and preparation are. And Troy is an overrated underdog, still living off a mid-2000s "dangerous opponent" reputation they never really earned. Call it 37-10.

Hoya Suxa (Hoya Suxa):

I think I finished in the top two last year in this little hootenanny. You know who didn't? Casual Hoya. You know why? Because they touch children.

WAGER ONE: Wake Forest at Syracuse (O/U 49.5)
Just a hunch, but this one lives up to its online-only status. I'll take a handful of Xanax and the under for $12.50.

WAGER TWO: UCLA at Houston (-3)
Rick Neuheisel wins at awkward-creepy. His football team wins in Texas. I'm taking the Bruins for $25.

WAGER THREE: Boise State (-3.5) at Georgia
The only coach that can stop Georgia is Mark Richt. And non-terrible coaches. Those two coaches, which are actually lots of coaches. $12.50 on the Broncos.

Ken DeCelles (Voodoo Five):

WVU -23 over Marshall for $20.

Oregon -4 over LSU. for $50

USF on the money line (+320) for $30

3 team parlay for $25: Boise -4.5, BYU -3, Michigan -13.5

TCU -4.5 over Baylor for $25. Future #BigEastSolidarity

Kevin Meacham (The UConn Blog):

Football came so fast I can't even believe come on get pumped LET'S DO THIS

$125- TCU (-4.5) over Baylor
$50: South Florida (+320) over Notre Dame
$25 3-team parlay: LSU (+4) over Oregon, Indiana (-6) over Ball State, Texas (-24) over Rice
$24: Ohio (-7) over New Mexico State
$1: Wake Forest (+6) over Syracuse

Mark Ennis (Big East Coast Bias):

Big East Coast Bias will take $100 on West Virginia - 23 and $50 on South Florida +10, Big East solidarity motherfuckers. Now get it done. 

Also Georgia +3.5 against Boise State for 10.

Sean Keeley (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician):

Fuck yeah I'm taking Syracuse for $50 (-6). Also, $50 on TCU (-4.5) and $50 on South Florida (+10).

Don't let me down, USF.

Voodoo 5, also known as me (Voodoo Five):

Florida Atlantic +35 against Florida for $55. Just think it's too much to ask for Weis and Muschamp to cover five touchdowns in their first real game coaching together. Also, SUSPENDERS.

Southern Miss -12.5 over Louisiana Tech for $55. I need a shower.

$27.50 on Syracuse and Wake Forest UNDER 48.5 points.

And finally... $5 on LSU +4 over Oregon.

I'm going to hold a Les Miles experiment this year. Every week I will wager a trivial amount of money on the LSU game, and I will do the complete opposite of what prevailing wisdom would tell me to do because Les Miles is a grass-eating nutjob who wins games he should lose and loses games he should win. Let's see what happens.

WVUIE97 (The Smoking Musket):

$50 on the USF/ND over 47
$50 on Houston (-3) over UCLA
$25 on FAU (+35) over UF
$50 on WVU (-23) over Marshall
$1 on Buffalo (+31) over Pitt