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Daily Bull-ogosphere: September 7

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Good morning V5ers! We hope you guys are getting ready for the home opener on Saturday. On to the links!

1. It's a good day when people join the USF bandwagon. It's an even better day when it's the guys at Anonymous Eagle. I've got a good feeling about this. And they're not even on board for the Sun Dolls! OK, they're sort of on board for them.

2. A lot of good stuff from Greg Auman yesterday. First up are a couple of videos from Skip Holtz's press conference. Second is a memento wide receivers coach Phil McGeoghan placed in the Notre Dame turf to honor his late uncle. Finally, defensive coordinator Mark Snyder breaks down the Kayvon Webster fumble recovery.

3. What's better than one special teams ace? How about two special teams aces? Looks like Mike Jeune might have a great season on special teams this year. If you recorded the game, go back and watch Jeune lower the boom on the Irish's kick returner on the kickoff after the Bulls went ahead 23-7.

4. USF was THIS close from claiming first place in this week's Big East Power Poll, but On the Banks decided that Rutgers' win over NC Central was far more impressive than the Bulls' victory in South Bend.

5. Looks like Texas A&M to the SEC is official. Just wondering who Team #14 will be. PleasenotWestVirginiapleasenotWestVirginiapleasenotWestVirginia...