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New Voodoo Fivecast Available

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The old name for our podcast quickly became a running joke. I called it Monday Night Five because I figured, we record it on Monday, we can get it posted that night! Yeah, not so much. So now I'm just going to call it the Voodoo Fivecast, and we'll put it out any damn day we please. Like now.

I actually edited our podcast down to about 10 minutes shorter than this, but I've been unable to upload the edited version back to TalkShoe or to our own site. So before this thing gets completely stale, here's the unedited version for your enjoyment. In it, Toro talks at great length about his trip to Notre Dame, and what it was like to work with and for Lee Roy Selmon. We also briefly touch on our other sports, discuss Maryland's fashion crimes against football, and I tell the world exactly what I think of Providence having the nation's third-ranked basketball recruiting class. (Hint: contains adult language.)

If you'd like to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and get new episodes automatically, CLICK HERE TO ADD IT to your podcast list. Otherwise, you can listen by clicking the play button below.