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Daily Bull-ogosphere: September 9

Happy Friday everyone! If you haven't already, make sure to put in your picks for the Community PYU before kickoff tonight. On to the links!

1. Tom Zebold over at GoUSFBulls has a good story on Sterling Griffin and the long comeback he took after his freak ankle injury last year.

2. Andrea Adelson warns the Bulls not to overlook Ball State on Saturday, but expects USF to take care of business and win comfortably.

3. The Half-Hoops are ready for a tough test tonight against #23 Bradley in the first game of the Dartmouth Tournament before taking on the hosts on Sunday.

4. Ball State running back Jahwan Edwards has been hurting this week after injuring his ribs against Indiana. He should be ready to go Saturday, but I wonder how he is going to react after getting hit for the first time on Saturday.

5. I'm sure you've already read this twice, but this was brilliant from Spencer Hall at EDSBS.

BONUS FROM VOODOO: Do you want to see hands down the stupidest SEC expansion rumor of all time? Sure you do.