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Catching Up With The USF Basketball Transfers

With LaVonte Dority transferring at the end of the semester, it made me wonder how all the other former USF transfers were doing at their new schools. For the sake of this exercise, we will start at the earliest transfers and then head backwards.


Mike Burwell (Towson) and LaVonte Dority (N/A): No Stats

Mike and LaVonte will be sitting out for at least the rest of the season, so we won't know how they'll do at their new schools until next year at the earliest.

Shedrick Haynes (Division II Tarleton State): 9.9 PTS/2.8 REB/3.8 AST/1.5 STL in 28 minutes a contest

Shed has definitely taken advantage with moving down a division, starting 11 of the Texans' first 12 games this year for TSU. Haynes is shooting the ball effectively for Tarleton State, emerging as their 3-point specialist (38%) while still doing well running an offense that scores 72 PPG so far this year. He could cut down on the turnovers a bit (2.8 a game), but all in all this was a positive move for him.

Anthony Crater (NAIA Georgetown College): 5.6 PTS/2.2 REB/3.5 AST/1.1 STL in 28 minutes a contest

While Haynes has done well in the move down a level, the same can't really be said about Crater. Anthony is still apprehensive with shooting the ball (4 ATT/GM) and makes too many mistakes (2.9 TO a game) for someone who is a pure point guard. At least Haynes is more of a combo guard and will create his own shot, Crater does nothing with the ball and still turns the ball over more then Shed. Just remember he played 35 minutes a game for us this year.

Andre Jackson (Cal State Bakersfield): 4.4 PTS/1.8 REB in 9 minutes a game

I know, Andre didn't actually play for USF, but he was looked on as someone who would play some minutes as our 4th post, but he just hasn't caught on yet as CSUB. Jackson has played more than 15 just once this year (19 against Cal State Fullerton), and has missed the last three games for personal problems. We might have dodged a bullet here.

Justin Leemow (NC Central): 9.3 PTS/2.0 AST/1.7 AST in 3 games this year

Leemow found a decent spot to land, getting plenty of minutes during his time at NC Central, but was kicked off the team after Leemow was arrested after being caught with almost a pound of marijuana. Let's just move on.

Jordan Dumars (Michigan walk-on): No Stats

Jordan never stepped on the court while with the Wolverines and was forced to stop playing due to chronic knee issues.

Gaby Belardo (Canisus): 9.0 PTS/2.0 REB/2.3 AST/1.2 STL in 26 minutes a game

Belardo was tabbed as a preseason All-MAAC performer this year, but things haven't gone his way this season. Gaby has been dealing with a herniated disc in his back all year, which has forced him to come off the bench and miss three games this season. Gaby's injury has seen his shooting percentage decrease dramatically (42 to 33 FG%) from last year, which is caused by Belardo staying on the perimeter more than usual this season. Last year, 35% of Gaby's total field goals were three pointers, while this year that number has skyrocketed to 47%. Gaby was never known as a 3 point specialist here at USF, and that is still the case at Canisus, where Belardo is only shooting 26.7% from three this year. Let's hope he can recover and finish strong for the Golden Griffins.

Eladio Espinosa (Division II University of Charleston): 9.8 PTS/7.8 REB/1.0 BLK in 20 minutes a game

Espinosa's career was in doubt after a serious throat injury during practice placed him in intensive care for a few days in January. Espinosa didn't play a minute for the rest of the year, and the Marshall coaching staff moved Espinosa to a medical scholarship in the offseason. Eladio wanted to give it one more try, and transferred to nearby Charleston a week later. The decision has paid off for Espinosa, who has moved to the starting lineup after coming off the bench for the first few games. Hope Eladio can continue to play well after suffering a big scare last year.

Orane Chin (Cal State Fullerton): 10.0 PTS/5.8 REB/1.8 AST in 28 minutes a game

Chin has done well after moving to the Titans, becoming a 2 year starter for the Titans and becoming one of their best players. Chin's scoring is down by two points from last season, but he's taken three less shots a game while bumping his shooting percentage up to 60%.


After that run through, who would you put on the roster RIGHT NOW over what we currently have. Orane Chin would be the only option I'd take by a large margin. He'd be a nice 15-20 minute player and would have filled out the rotation nicely in the post. Other than that, everyone is either playing well in a lower division, or struggling in lower leagues.

People have complained about the number of players who have left the program since Heath arrived, but these guys were panic signings late in the signing period that wouldn't normally see the light of day on a Big East roster. With the new assistants and the improved facilities bringing in quality recruits, we shouldn't see the day where we lose 2 or 3 players transfer out each season.