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Blog East: Around The Big East Blogosphere

Let's see if the other teams in the Big East are having a better time than we are right now. Looks like the answer is "absolutely"!

Elsa - Getty Images

Time to check the rest of the Big East blogs on SB Nation and see what's happening. We'll start with another blog that's absolutely fed up with its head football coach.

Embarrassment: Rutgers defeats UConn 19-3 - The UConn Blog

The UConn Blog's game wrap details exactly why they're done with Paul Pasqualoni, including his shameful decision to let Lyle McCombs travel to Rutgers and play the day after being arrested on domestic violence charges.

It's not the players, it's the coaches - The UConn Blog

More about the insanity of the coaches and their game plans in East Hartford.

Louisville Football And Big East Openers: A Hate Story - Card Chronicle

Although Louisville goes into conference play at 5-0 and ranked in the top 20, their first Big East games have not been kind ever since joining the league in 2005. If I had a copy, that 2005 blowout of Louisville would be my USF binky. It would be very comforting at times like these.

Rick Pitino Updates The State Of His Team - Card Chronicle

Semi-transcript of an interview Cardinals basketball coach Rick Pitino did on Louisville radio earlier this week.

A possible explanation for the Pitt-Louisville 11:00 a.m. kickoff - Cardiac Hill

Why on earth are Louisville and Pittsburgh kicking off at 11 in the morning? Possibly because ESPN needed to do some shuffling to fit the postponed Texas A&M-Louisiana Tech game onto its TV schedule.

Cincinnati Bearcats Market Watch - Down The Drive

Who is Matt buying and selling on Cincinnati's football team?

The Paranoid Style in Big East football - On the Banks

On the Banks is clearly feeling its oats now that Rutgers is back in the top 25. Today it's a broadside against Doug Marrone. Rutgers and Syracuse meet to argue over the completely overrated entity that is being "New York's college football team" this weekend.

Syracuse vs. Rutgers: SU's Last Big East Football Rivalry - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

Meanwhile, Sean casts the matchup as the nouveau riche of Rutgers against the bloodied, unbowed old money of Syracuse.

Reseating: We're Probably Not Being Screwed As Much As You Think - Anonymous Eagle

The Bradley Center is being reseated for Marquette basketball this coming season, and AE is here to tell you it's not that terrible.