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Protect Your Unit Game - Week 7 Picks

See where we've completely wasted invested our fake money this weekend.

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual wagering is being performed.)

Hey, I actually have time to show you who everyone picked this week! Let's get right down to it, starting with our current leader... our own Mike Nascarella.

$30 parlay on Rutgers (-7) and Louisville (-3)

$25 on West Virginia (-4)

$20 on Baylor (-9) because TCU is quarterback-less.

$25 parlay on SMU (-17.5) and Oregon State (+6)

And also $40 on Oregon State, straight up.

I want $10 on a parlay of MTSU (-3), Louisiana-Monroe (-24), and Louisiana Tech (+7.5) in a ridiculous mid-major can't-lose parlay.

Following right behind Mike in the standings is Collin, also from this blog. We're legit fake gamblers up in here.

Parlay: $125 on UL -3 and West Virginia -4

$1 on UL-Monroe -24

Now comes Chris from VU Hoops, the only other player in the game currently ahead for the season:

$50 Louisville -3, Oregon State +6
$100 ND/Stanford under 44.5
$50 Okla St -27.5

I've stumbled quite a bit the last few weeks, but I declared this week "The Week I Stop Dicking Around And Get Back To Making Some Damn Fake Money." Here are my picks:

- $150 on West Virginia -4 vs. Texas Tech
- $25 on Syracuse and Rutgers UNDER 45
- $25 on Texas +3 vs. Oklahoma
- $50 on Ole Miss -6 vs. Auburn

WVUIE97 from The Smoking Musket, our favorite Big XII interloper, is up next.

$25 Louisville -3
$100 Oregon St. +6
$25 Ok St. -27.5
$50 Baylor -8.5
$50 Ohio St. -17

On to a very happy John Lamb from Owlsblog, although maybe not so happy that his bet on the victorious Temple Owls did not come through:

$50 on Rutgers -7
$50 on Duke +9.5
$50 on Miami +8
$100 on Temple/UConn OVER (41.5)

Our own GarySJ comes next. Tough break on that Syracuse bet.

$150 West Virginia -4 over Texas Tech. Assuming the line is really -4 and not some kind of typo.
$50 Syracuse +7.5 over Rutgers. Syracuse usually gives Rutgers trouble, and this smells like a low-scoring game anyway.
$30 Oregon State +5.5 over BYU. Yes, I know Oregon State's QB is out. I just don't think BYU is that good.

Scott of Bearcats Blog is next, who also just missed having a big week by a point.

Rutgers -7

Kansas St -7

Mississippi St -2.5

all for 75 and a 3 team parlay for 25

Our loyal reader contestant, the great gunsby, with his picks:

$220 on West Virginia (-4) over Texas Tech. This is a lot of money so they will inevitably lose.
$25 parlay on WKU (-2) over Troy and LSU (-2.5) over South Carolina. Munching on some small lines, large red blob mascots, and my cynicism that South Carolina can win two big games in a row
$5 on Syracuse (+7.5) over Rutgers. Did you read that post over at On the Banks? Rutgers deserves to lose more than they usually do.

Louisville is rolling this season, but ULismyhothot at Card Chronicle is not. Here are his picks as he tries to make a comeback.

$55 Louisville -3
Louisville's injuries at OL and LB are a little concerning but I like them by 10-14 points coming off two sloppy games & a bye week.

$55 Rice -3
$45 Parlay Louisville -3, Rice -3
$40 Parlay Louisville -3, Rice -3, San Jose State -3.5
Should I set my fake gambling money on fake fire or make three separate bets on Rice to cover? TRICK QUESTION, SAME THING.

$55 Buffalo +14
Why are you laughing?

Sadly, our two competitors from The UConn Blog are bringing up the rear this week. Here are Andrew's picks as he and Kevin race each other to go broke first:

Doesn't look like the WVU line is a typo, I checked a few other sites that are all within a point of that.

So I'll take WVU -4.5 and Louisville -3 for $150

I'll take UConn and Temple OVER 41 for $50

Finish up with Syracuse +7.5 for $50

Finally, Kevin's picks.

$248 PARLAY: WVU (-4) over Texas Tech AND Louisville (-3) over Pittsburgh, because I'm an idiot who goes all in on the Two Most Obvious Selections Which Will Obviously Backfire
$1: Temple (+5.5) over UConn, because screw George DeLeone
$1: Army (+2.5) over Kent State, because I like to show my appreciation for teams who embarrass Boston College
$0: Meteor (-1.5) over Rutgers/Syracuse, because I hate everyone. In this game, and generally.

See you next week, when we're all broke from betting on West Virginia!