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Final BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot - Week 7

After adding GarySJ's ballot to the mix, here's what we came up with this week.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Andrew, Mike, and I kept our ballots the same after Monday's draft, and we've now added GarySJ's ballot to the totals. I've recalculated the totals, and here is our final BlogPoll Top 25 ballot for Week 7.

For the record, here's is Gary's ballot and his explanation:

1 Alabama
2 Oregon
3 Notre Dame
4 Florida
5 Kansas St
6 Ohio State
8 South Carolina
9 Oregon St
10 Oklahoma
11 Florida State
12 Clemson
13 Stanford
14 USC
15 Georgia
16 Mississippi State
17 Michigan
18 Texas Tech
19 West Virginia
20 Rutgers
21 Texas
22 Texas A&M
23 Iowa State
24 Louisville
25 Ohio

I made a correction I should have made last week and moved Georgia down. No, I don't punish teams for losing to good competition. But I do punish them for getting crushed by good competition, as South Carolina did to them.

I kept one-loss South Carolina and LSU ahead of unbeaten Oregon State, since those teams look a lot stronger. Would you put money in the Beavers in a neutral-site game against either? Or Florida State/Clemson/Oklahoma? I have a feeling that bubble is going to burst hard.

I reversed USC and Stanford, since they were next to each other and Stanford beat USC. Note also that I'm not very sold on USC.

It amazes me that we're this far into the season and teams like Mississippi State have played no Top 25 (or even Top 50) competition, while Florida and Notre Dame beaten won a ton of tough opponents. I know you guys keep harping on me about Cincinnati, but they've played 2 BCS teams. Two. And they don't play one this week, either.

And brace yourselves for another all-SEC title game. In the BCS poll, the league's teams are #1, #2, #6 (with a loss), #7 (with a loss), #11 (with a loss), and #12 despite playing the least challenging non-conference schedule of any league. Why do the rest of us even bother?