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Voodoo Five Radio Show: We're Getting Better at This


Last week, our faithful fans helped us achieve the largest audience of the week: 19 listeners! It doesn't sound like much, but in college radio terms, it's pretty significant. In addition to that, the show's podcast was downloaded from the Bulls Radio site an additional 46 times, and listened to on the archive 31 times. And I promise, we didn't go home and open multiple browser tabs on our computers afterward.

This week we kept the momentum rolling, reaching 25 live listeners who got to hear us address what our expectations are entering the Louisville game (SPOILER ALERT: Collin thinks we're going to lose. Badly), the "tree-falling-in-the-forest" event that was USF basketball Hoopla, and, of course, gambling. Brock was unable to join us for this edition, but we replaced him with our own Jamie, and Josh, one of the Bulls Radio interns.

If you care to what our voices have to say, instead of just reading on here, you can listen in your browser at the Bulls Radio archive, or you can download the podcast to listen anytime here. Let us know what you think, and what you want to hear next week.