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Chasing Grothe: Homecoming Edition

USF blew yet another fourth quarter lead to a seemingly inferior Big East team to drop to 2-6 this past weekend, but B.J. Daniels was as good as we could have hoped.


The Bulls entered their homecoming game against Syracuse coming off a bitter loss to Louisville in the previous week. The offense came out charging and executed the game plan well. USF's offense punted only twice and rolled up 36 points and well over 500 yards of offense. Maikon Bonani was excellent, nailing five field goals in a record-breaking performance.

B.J. Daniels was particularly good as a dual threat on Saturday, making plenty of plays in the air and on the ground. Daniels threw for 183 yards and a touchdown to Andre Davis, and ran for another 136 yards, linking up with Lindsey Lamar's 145-yard day to mark the first time USF has had two 100-yard rushers in a game since 2007.

Oddly enough, B.J. passed the 10,000-yard mark twice on Saturday. The first time, Daniels sat at 10,004 yards after a 19-yard run on the second drive of the game. The next drive, he completed a pass to Derrick Hopkins, who lost six yards, pushing Daniels back down to 9,998. On the next drive, a 10-yard completion to Sean Price placed Daniels in the 10,000 club for good, and a 53-yard QB run on the next play left no doubt. Daniels ended with 319 total yards of offense in total, bumping his career number to 10,281. He's within one-game striking distance of West Virginia's Pat White, who is ahead by just 248 yards. But the real prize is still 594 yards away.A strong performance against Connecticut can make the record easily attainable by the end of the season with three games remaining after this weekend. To pass Pat White, B.J. will just need to average 62.25 total yards of offense per game. In order to pass Grothe, Daniels will need 148.75 total yards per game. USF is heading into a relatively offense-friendly part of the schedule in the last third of the season, only leaving Florida to play Cincinnati and their less-than-spectacular defense the day after Thanksgiving. Before the season began I predicted that he'd break the record against Miami, but he'll need a great performance against Connecticut to get there.