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Men's Soccer Gets Gaga'ed. Seth Greenberg Smirks at the Irony

The USF Men's Soccer team makes the NCAA Tournament despite winning one of their last seven matches and missing their own conference tournament. Since we are USF, you know what this means... College Cup here we come!!

Gotta admit, didn't think we'd be able to use this pic from last year's Elite Eight press conference again this year
Gotta admit, didn't think we'd be able to use this pic from last year's Elite Eight press conference again this year

Well, USF made the NCAA Tournament. And if you didn't believe the Big East was the SEC of college soccer, how's about a team that didn't even make their own conference tournament getting a bid to play in the dance which only has 48 of the 204 eligible teams? That ish "cray" as the kids like to say, but it shows what playing a brutal schedule can do for you. It caps off one of the strangest seasons for any USF team ever, going from #2 in the country, to unranked and missing their own conference tournament, to hosting an NCAA match. Kumba doesn't have that many ups and downs. Can't wait for Greg Auman to tell us how many times this has happened in collegiate soccer history, because that's a stat that's right up his alley.

So men's soccer, you of the 8-5-4 record, but a RPI of 26... get. yo. Gaga. on!

Lady Gaga - Just Dance ft. Colby O'Donis (via LadyGagaVEVO)

The opening round match will be Thursday at Corbett Stadium at 7pm vs. our former branch campus FGCU. This does mean our highly mediocre radio show will be pre-empted for live coverage, but we're willing to make sacrifices around here. If USF wins on Thursday, they get a visit from Tulsa in the round of 32 because hahahaha the NCAA is stupid.

And hey students, you were spectacularly awful on Saturday night for men's basketball. I know The Goalmouths will be out there, but let's hope they have tons of help in making it a great atmosphere worthy of an NCAA match. These games have been awesome in the past in both Corbett and the old stadium, so let's hope we bring it.

And look on the bright side: the Bulls won't have played a match in 20 days as of Thursday night. They will be rested, whereas the Fort Myers campus had to play all that pesky soccer the last two weekends to claim the Atlantic Sun title.

Three weeks of training and p arctic can be a great thing. Let's hope the Bulls can get it straightened out by Thursday night. See you there!