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Voodoo Five Radio Show: We're 2-6.

It's another edition of our radio show/podcast, with Mike, Collin, and the gang.


Another week, another USF football loss, and another depressed radio crew on the air in the Bulls Radio studio on Thursday night. This week, we got some great insight from Andrew over at The UConn Blog, who just might hate his football team more than we do. Also, make sure you listen to the broadcast montage played during our first break. You won't want to relive the game, but you'll be glad you listened to it. I won last week's attendance bet by picking the over on the previously set 27,000, and Collin and I are going double or nothing this week. Help me win another free beer by showing up to the game this week.

You can listen to all our past shows in the Bulls Radio archive here, and you can download this week's podcast here.