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USF Basketball Vs. Stetson: Bulls Hit The Road For First Time To Face Hatters

The Bulls hit the road for the first time in 2012-13 to face the 2-1 Stetson Hatters.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Bulls, sitting at 3-2 on the year, hit the road for the first time this season, traveling up I-4 to DeLand (home of my high school alma mater) and a meeting with the Stetson Hatters. The Hatters are 2-1 on the year, coming off of a 9-20 campaign last season. While their 2011-12 season was ugly, Stetson has scoring threats all over the court that will challenge the Bulls in their first road contest.


Don't be fooled by the Atlantic Sun - USF can easily screw around long enough to lose this game, and the tempo will be a big factor. Stetson comes in ranked 23rd in adjusted tempo and averaging over 80 points per game, while USF is 336th. One way to control the tempo is to control the boards, and the Bulls have a chance to do that against a smaller Hatters team. If they can get a rebounding edge, it will help USF set up the kind of game they want to play.