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A Quick Note On Judy Genshaft's Muddy Crystal Ball

Why is the USF president always so shocked when realignment goes down? Maybe she should ask the guy who's supposed to be advising her.

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I mentioned yesterday how irritating it is that no one ever brings up USF in articles about the Big East, in any context. Whether it's teams getting out, teams trying to get out, teams assessing their options, or teams who are screwed, no one mentions USF. In the media's mind, we don't merit any concern on any level. This reached a new low in an article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, a Marquette story in which the writer didn't remember that USF was still in the conference and listed literally every other member who is coming and going except for the Bulls.

What could be causing this media amnesia? We got a rather unfortunate reminder hidden in an article Joey Johnston wrote for today's Tampa Tribune.

Genshaft admitted to surprise at some of the recent conference realignment, particularly the Big Ten's addition of Rutgers and Maryland.

"Did you see that happening? We didn't,'' Genshaft told reporters. "My crystal ball isn't that clear.'

For God's sake, Judy, you have a $700,000 crystal ball sitting in an office in the Athletics building who's supposed to be... what are his words again... "actively monitoring the landscape of college football" and advising you on these things so that you aren't caught off guard over and over again. How about you demand more out of what is now by far the highest-paid crystal ball left in this shambles of a conference, instead of swearing blind loyalty to him? You're the president, and your school is already out millions upon millions of dollars that you'll never get back because USF is stranded in this tire fire of a conference. Even if you get back in the game later, that money's gone forever.

The media has already defined USF as not worth talking about because your athletic department can't figure out what they want to say, how to promote themselves, or what they plan to do next. Isn't it about time you did something about that?