Circle March 3 On Your Calendar


Here's the thing. I understand why Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and West Virginia want to get out of the Big East. Every previous football member wants to get out of this rathole of a conference, except for our pinheads in charge. Pittsburgh and Syracuse got the call from the ACC, but they were willing to play along and follow the exit rules that they voted for. Fine. No hard feelings. If you ever want to catch up sometime, give us a call. West Virginia, on the other hand... if the Big East was a house party, then they announced their departure by throwing their drink in some woman's face, then pissing on the rug, lighting it on fire, and backing out the door with middle fingers blazing. $20 million divided God knows how many ways isn't going to come close to matching the money that won't be in the next TV contract because they're gone. Which brings me to the last game of the basketball season, at the Forum on March 3 against... why look, it's West Virginia! And the game might even be important for both teams! Students, if you're not there and on your worst* behavior that day, you're basically dead to me. It's the only chance you're going to get. Make it count. * - "Worst" as in "as mean and insulting as you can be without throwing things or getting kicked out of the arena."