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This Georgetown Game Feels Eerily Familar

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty optimistic about tomorrow's game against Georgetown. I have no stats to back this up, but only for the fact that this game feels almost exactly like the 2010 game. This will probably end in complete and utter failure tomorrow morning, but just roll with it.

Georgetown is a nationally ranked team (#8 in 2010, #14 in 2012) that dominated a national power in their previous game (Duke in 2010, UConn in 2012). After their game against the Bulls, the Hoyas take on one of their fiercest rivals (Villanova in 2010, Syracuse in 2012). USF is having unprecedented success in the Big East, and could reach even greater heights with a win (4 game winning streak in 2010, 4 games over .500 in conference play in 2012). Add the fact that the crowd will be just as sparse with the 11 AM start time and all we need to do is find Dominique Jones some extra eligibility. Given our Compliance Ninjas success over the years, this might be a possibility.

Not saying this will help, just saying.