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Best of the Bull-ogosphere: February 7

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Sorry for abandoning you all for a couple of days. Either we were all really busy, or sulking about the Super Bowl, or sulking about the Georgetown disaster, or maybe all of those things. Please enjoy these links as a peace offering.

1. Ken may not have been able to cheer another Patriots championship, but we can all celebrate Jason Pierre-Paul and Jacquian Williams becoming the fourth and fifth fifth and sixth (Greg reminded us about Scott McCready) former USF players to win a Super Bowl ring. The official site was all over this, as you might imagine.

2. The Bulls really, really need a quarterback (or maybe two) in their 2013 recruiting class. Josh Newberg at the Bulls 247 site has information about one of their top QB targets visiting USF's junior day later this month. (Paywalled, but seriously, if you have the money it's worth it.)

3. Matt at The Bull Rush has a softball preview ready to go. Ken Eriksen's team is on the upswing again. Maybe this year we can add softball back to our list of elite sports, which currently includes:

  • Men's soccer
  • Uhhhhhhh....

4. I enjoyed the subtext in this tweet from Jose Fernandez after the women's basketball team got blitzed by Syracuse on Saturday.

5. Andrea Adelson has the right idea here. I don't care how much experience USF has coming back next football season. They have zero credibility in the bank and won't get any until they actually win something. (At the end of the season, not in September.) We're not getting sucked in again.