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Campus Nomads 14: USF Basketball vs. Pittsburgh on the USF BullRunner Campus Shuttle

With the USF Sun Dome undergoing renovation, our intrepid basketball reporter will follow the South Florida basketball team around the USF campus this season, as the team plays its games in different buildings across the campus. Check back after each home game for updates.

Tampa - Hugh Robertson scored a season-high 18 points, as the USF Bulls sped away from the Pittsburgh Panthers 63-51 on a Route E bus of the USF BullRunner Campus Shuttle.

"This is part of our community outreach program," said USF athletic director Doug Woolard. "What better way to get out into the community than to play a game that actually travels throughout the community."

"We did a lot of prep for this game," said USF coach Stan Heath. "I had the guys ride the the E-Route all week to get a feel for the terrain. Our guys braced for all of the turns and speed bumps."

"Also, USF Parking and Transportation services was nice enough to let us have some shooting practice on their shuttle buses on Monday and Tuesday, and that really aided us come gametime."

Robertson surprised everyone with his deft shooting, hitting all seven of his shots.

"I live in the dorms, so I ride this bus all the time," said Robertson. "I was able to get guys going, then brace for the corner and it was like they were on roller skates. It's easy to attack the rim when guys can't stay on their feet."

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From the 14:21 point until the end of the game, Pitt never got within eight points of the Bulls

Eight Bulls players played at least 10 minutes, and all eight got on the scoreboard.

"That was part of our gameplan tonight," said Heath. "We wanted to cycle guys in and out, to keep the guys fresh and to avoid any 'Reversal of Fortune.'"

The Panthers weren't so fortunate. Pitt guards Tray Woodall and John Johnson had to leave the game early with motion sickness. Woodall was Pitt's leading scorer, with 11 points on 4-13 shooting.

"We could see the twists and turns of the E Route really getting to them in the second half," said Robertson. " Some of their guys looked in real bad shape."

Pitt coach Jamie Dixon agreed.

"I told Tray to shoot until he was blue in the face," Dixon said. "I didn't think it would really happen though."

"It was really tough out there," said Johnson, holding a half full vomit bag. "We were able to hang in during the first half, but every time we got the ball, the driver would suddenly brake hard at red lights or careen through a corner."

"It was a two-hour roller coaster ride out there," added Woodall.

Notes: Game attendance 4,507. However, only one person one watched the game for more than 20 minutes.

"I ended up missing my stop twice, so I stayed and watched the whole game" said freshman Kevin Lee. " It's not like freshman English class is important or anything."

The crowd seem perplexed at the venue choice, but nevertheless enjoyed the game.

"At first I thought it was just some guys goofing around," said sophomore Jennifer Guyson. "Then I saw the refs holding onto the hand rails, and the coach yelling. It was fun to catch some of the game while I was on my way to the calculus."

- Redshirt freshman center Jordan Omogbehin slept the entirety of the game.

"I wasn't surprised," said coach Heath. "On road trips, as soon as the bus or plane starts moving, he's out like a light."

- Guard Jawanza Poland only played 19 minutes, but still did well on the day .

"I didn't mind sitting on the bench," said Poland. "I was able to talk to some honeys while I was sitting around. I got four numbers so the next couple weeks might be busy for me.