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NCAA Tournament Bubble Watch: March 7th

With USF sitting right on the bubble, we will do a daily-ish rundown of fellow bubble teams and see who to root for each night. We will do this every night until USF is completely out of the picture or achieves lock status, whichever comes first.

With my newborn in the nursery (everyone is doing great), I figured I could throw a Bubble Watch up and tell you who to root for today. Not a lot going on with the major conference tournaments starting tomorrow, but there are a few games for you to pay attention to today. Including some game tonight at MSG. All times are EST.

USF vs. Villanova, 9:00 PM

Team to root for: USF


Connecticut vs. West Virginia, 12:00 PM

Team to root for: N/A

UConn and West Virginia are basically on the same position on the Bracket Matrix, so just go with your personal preference. I'm going for UConn based on the Simpson's post TheUConnBlog did the other day.

Seton Hall vs. Louisville, 7:00 PM

Team to root for: Louisville

Seton Hall has picked up a couple of bad losses over the past week, and an early exit to the Cardinals would be another big blow to their at-large hopes.