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NCAA Tournament Bubble Watch: March 8th

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With USF sitting right on the bubble, we will do a daily-ish rundown of fellow bubble teams and see who to root for each night. We will do this every night until USF is completely out of the picture or achieves lock status, whichever comes first.

Well that didn't suck yesterday. USF completes #THEQUESTFOR20, Seton Hall falls to Louisville, and the toss up between UConn and WVU went my way as well. What do you think Buzz?


Yep pretty much. Lot of games to get to today with the major conference tournaments starting up. All times are EST.

USF vs. Notre Dame, 9:00 PM

Who to root for: USF


UConn vs. Syracuse, 12:00 PM

Who to root for: Syracuse

I think UConn is safe, but you should probably watch this game anyways because its UConn-Syracuse.

Southern Miss vs. ECU, 1:00 PM

Who to root for: Southern Miss

The Golden Eagles are pretty close to a lock as you can get. Don't need another bid coming from C-USA.

Boston College vs. NC State, 2:00 PM

Who to root for: Boston College

The Wolfpack desperately need a win against the Eagles to keep their at-large chances alive. A loss sends them to the NIT.

Oregon State vs. Washington, 3:00 PM

Who to root for: Oregon State

The PAC-12 is a complete mess, and even though the Huskies won the regular season title, a loss to the Beavers could derail any at-large hopes. Seriously, the league was horrendous.

UCLA vs. Arizona, 5:30 PM

Who to root for: UCLA

Arizona is mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. A loss to the Bruins will finish the Wildcats off.

TCU vs. Colorado State, 5:30 PM

Who to root for: TCU

Colorado State has been fantastic at home. Good news today is that the game is nowhere near Fort Collins. Let's go Hypnotoads!

Minnesota vs. Northwestern, 5:30 PM

Who to root for: Minnesota

I'd love for the Wildcats to make the tournament. But not this year, a loss today and its "Wait 'til next year." in Evanston.

UTEP vs. Memphis, 7:30 PM

Who to root for: Memphis

See Southern Miss.

Georgia Tech vs. Miami, 9:00 PM

Who to root for: Georgia Tech

The Hurricanes are right at the cut line with USF and a loss to the Yellow Jackets would end all hope for UM.

Cal vs. Stanford, 9:00 PM

Who to root for: Stanford

We want chaos in the PAC-12.

Texas vs. Iowa State, 9:30 PM

Who to root for: Iowa State

Rick Barnes. Must win situation. That's like trying to mix water and oil. I can already see Jamie getting pumped up for the late-game scenarios the Longhorns will surely screw up.

UAB vs. UCF, 10:00 PM

Who to root for: UAB

Well the Knights might be able to squeeze back into the bubble with a win, it will take a lot more for UCF to be a serious challenger for a bid.

Georgia vs. Mississippi State, 10:00 PM

Who to root for: Georgia

Mississippi State might be able to survive a loss to the Bulldogs, but it would definitely allow USF to jump over them.

Colorado vs. Oregon, 11:30 PM

Who to root for: Colorado

The Ducks have been able to jump into the bubble with strong finish, but a loss this early in the PAC-12 Tournament would doom them.