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USF Football Depth Chart Released

We get a clearer view of who's making the cut at USF.

As we alluded to earlier, USF released its depth chart earlier this week (hat-tip to The Oracle). If you haven't seen it yet, listed below are starters, then backups. First we'll look at the offense. Defense and Special Teams are below.


QB - Matt Floyd, Steven Bench/Bobby Eveld

HB - Marcus Shaw, Michael Pierre

FB - Ryan Eppes, Auggie Sanchez

WR1 - Andre Davis, Jordan Duval

WR2 - Deonte Welch, Chris Dunkley

LT - Darrell Williams, Jake Kaufman

RT - Quinterrius Eatmon, Mak Djulbegovic

LG - Brynjar Gudmundsson, Steven Jacques

RG - Lawrence Martin, Max Lang

C - Austin Reiter, Kofi Amichia

Offense Notes: Coach Willie Taggart lists Bench and Eveld as co-backups; this is could be a diversionary tactic to keep other coaches (and us fans!) guessing. Thor Jozwiak not on the chart, potentially due to injury. Martin gets to start as a senior. Sanchez and Amichia are the only freshman listed. And for the first time in who knows how long, USF has listed FB on the depth chart, and walk-on Epps gets the start.


DE - Aaron Lynch, Ryne Giddins

DE - Tevin Mims, Eric Lee

DT - Luke Sager, James Hamilton

DT - Elkino Watson, Anthony Hill

SLB - Zack Bullock, C.J. Garye

MLB - DeDe Lattimore, Hans Louis

WLB - Reshard Cliett, Nigel Harris

CB - Kenneth Durden, Jalen Spencer

CB - Brandon Salinas, Lamar Robbins

S - Mark Joyce, Nate Godwin

S - JaQuez Jenkins, Torrel Saffold

Defense Notes: Don't be discouraged with Giddins being listed behind Lynch; those two and Mims will see action at both DE spots. But where's Juju Forte? At 190 lbs, Harris looks a little thin to backup at LB, but he must've impressed in camp. Harris, Godwin, Robbins and Spencer are the freshman listed.

Special Teams

P - Mattias Ciabatti, Aaron Munoz

PK - Marvin Kloss, Emilio Nadelman

KO - Marvin Kloss

HO- Mattias Ciabatti, Aaron Munoz

LS - David Burdetsky, Alex Salvato

KR - Kenneth Durden, Derrick Hopkins

PR - Derrick Hopkins, Andre Davis

Special Teams notes: Kloss will handle all the kicking duties, while Ciabatti will handle both punting and holding. Having a punter hold might limit FG fake possibilities. Hopkins will field both kicks and punts.