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What's Eating Sterling Griffin?

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As you know, I don't think spring football is all that important. But when I was reading the recaps and watching the videos from the Green and Gold Bowl yesterday, something was missing. I didn't see someone's name in this story, or this story, or this story, or this story, or this story.

What happened to Sterling Griffin?

There was plenty of offense in the scrimmage yesterday. The final score was 43-35, all of the quarterbacks put up good numbers, and there were 10 touchdowns. Andre Davis had a big game. Terrence Mitchell and Derrick Hopkins made contributions. Even guys down the depth chart like Tye Turner and Mike McFarland made things happen. I have no idea what last year's leading receiver did, because they don't publish official stats for scrimmages, and I guess Griffin didn't make enough of an impression that anyone remembered it.

This came a few days after Griffin wasn't listed as first string on the mid-spring depth chart. The same thing happened last spring, too. Are there still lingering issues from his ankle injury last year? Was he just out of sync without B.J. Daniels throwing him the ball? Does he really need another message sent?

With another week of practices and the official spring game this Saturday, Griffin still has a little bit of time to make an impression. But still, it's puzzling.