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No Bulls Chosen In NFL Draft; Free Agent News From Twitter

This NASCAR champion is one-seventh as awesome as Jeremiah Warren.
This NASCAR champion is one-seventh as awesome as Jeremiah Warren.

For the first time since 2006, no USF Bulls were chosen in the NFL Draft, including early entrant Darrell Scott.

This was part of a larger trend in which Florida colleges produced record-low levels of NFL talent. The first player chosen was UCF's Josh Robinson at #66, making this the first year since 1980 the state was shut out of the first round. The article doesn't mention USF at all. That's right, folks; USF has become irrelevant to articles about the irrelevance of college football in Florida. Sigh.

On the plus side, free agency has given us the best pairing of USF athlete and professional team ever: Jeremiah Warren is headed to to the New England Patriots, according to @CoachHoltzUSF. Warren would have set the Big East media days record for lobster-eating, except that they ran out of lobster. We're sure Warren's affinity for the region's signature seafood product will make him a fan favorite.

@CoachHoltzUSF has also tweeted that Scott will likely sign with the Cowboys.

We will keep you posted on other free-agent deals.

UPDATE: Three more signings, two with the Bucs:

@gregauman says Chaz Hine to the Buccaneers and A.J. Love will join the Vikings.

Joining Hine on the Bucs roster will be Quenton Washington, according to a tweet from @_SHAKELYF6, aka Kayvon Webster.

4/29 UPDATE:: Jerrell Young landed in Jacksonville.