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Oh, And Chris Bivins Brought A Snake To The Softball Game

Hat tip to the SB Nation mothership for finding this one. Bryan Holt of deleted two of his tweets about the incident involving USF cornerback Chris Bivins, but not before SB Nation's Brian Floyd saved them:

Holt did clarify later:

See, you can't get away with this as an incoming freshman. A couple of years from now, if Bivins had maybe a dozen interceptions and a couple touchdowns under his belt, I think he could have brought a 15-foot boa constrictor to the game with him and been happily admitted. No one would have said anything as the giant snake wrapped itself around the neck of some hapless fraternity brother and then tried to eat a preschooler whole. You have to earn that kind of leeway, though, so instead this is the funniest USF "athlete gets caught doing something dumb/illegal" moment since Toarlyn Fitzpatrick and Mike Burwell dined and dashed next to a plainclothes cop at Village Inn.