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USF Basketball To Face UCF In New Sun Dome Opener


If you were wondering who USF would pull in to open the renovated Sun Dome, you don't have to wonder anymore! On November 10th, the Bulls will play...the UCF Knights?


Just seems like a bit of a let down considering the way the rest of the non-conference schedule has shaped up this year. UCF is a decent team and all, but you would figure that a bigger team would have been selected to open up the Sun Dome.

But we don't get one dose of the Knights this year. USF will travel to Orlando to take on the Knights on January 2nd. Given that USF normally plays their conference opener around that time, we might see USF start conference play a little later than normal this year.

Scheduling home and homes in the same year for basketball doesn't happen much for high major teams, but Patrick Stevens over at The Washington Times did remind us that New Mexico and New Mexico State have an annual home and away series each year. Other than that though, the practice is normally reserved for low major schools.

Now we know about half of our non-conference schedule, what do you guys think of the slate so far? Let us know in the comments.