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My Favorite Olympics Moment: The 1992 Dream Team

Before I start, Damu Cherry finishing 4th in the 110m hurdles in Beijing was a great moment for USF. Seeing someone who was at USF on the world stage competing for her country was amazing. Having her fall so short of the medal stand was heart wrenching to watch but I was extremely proud at how she competed. But even that isn't what I think about when I think of the Olympics.

Its the 1992 Dream Team.

Jordan. Bird. Magic. Barkley. Ewing. Stockton. Pippen. Robinson. Drexler. Malone. Mullin. Laettner.

Any kid growing up in the 80s was excited about this team heading to Barcelona for the 1992 Olympics. This was the first year that professionals could play in, and even I knew as a 2nd grader that this group of 12 players was the greatest team assembled in my lifetime.

And it wasn't a if they were going to win, but rather by how much. From their destruction of Angola by 68 points, to beating Lithuania and their Grateful Dead duds by 58 or taking out Croatia in the Gold Medal Game, they played a style of basketball that I haven't seen since.

One more thing that I've always remembered about the Dream Team. McDonald's (2nd Grade, McDonald's is really the only thing you want to eat in elementary school) holding a contest where you pulled off a sticker, and if the US won that sport you won whatever prize was on there. Whenever men's basketball showed up, it was always a small coke. Always. Never a fry, an apple pie or even a hash brown. Even they knew the Dream Team was just going to dominate and just cut their losses with a small coke.

Side note, if you haven't watched The Dream Team documentary on NBATV, i'd highly recommend it. Great stuff.

What's your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments.

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