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Stampeding Through The Roster: #62 OL Max Djulbegovic


We missed a total of 30 players in the Stampeding Through the Roster series, by our count. We never leave any Bulls behind in this countdown, so instead of introducing you to Spencer Boyd today, we're going to go back and cover every single player that we didn't tell you about, a few at a time. Eventually we'll get caught up. It may take until the day before the Chattanooga game, but we'll get caught up. Starting now.

#62 OL Mak Djulbegovic
Redshirt Freshman, 6'5" 282 lbs.

Stats in 2011: Mak redshirted last season and did not play.

Current Spot on Depth Chart: Not listed on the two-deep after spring practice.

How Did He Come To USF: Djulbegovic joined USF as a preferred walk-on before the 2011 season. He played on the offensive line at Carrollwood Day School, a small private school in Tampa that didn't even have a full squad when Mak was a freshman. They played six-man football, which you don't see much of in Florida, and won a state private-school title in 2007. After that, the team expanded to regular 11-on-11 football. (Other fun fact: THISGUY was a volunteer assistant coach in 2010.)

Recruiting Rankings: Mak did not receive any recruiting rankings.

Projected Playing Time for 2012: Mak may not see much action on the field unless the game gets out of hand, but he'll likely be an asset on the scout team. He's also a strong contender for the player on this year's team with the hardest name to spell.