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USF Football Camp Roundup: Matt Floyd Takes The Lead As QB2

Bobby Eveld backed up B.J. Daniels the last two years, but now Matt Floyd may be poised to overtake him.
Bobby Eveld backed up B.J. Daniels the last two years, but now Matt Floyd may be poised to overtake him.

While we didn't get a full depth chart yesterday, it looks like Matt Floyd has finally overtaken Bobby Eveld as the backup to B.J. Daniels. (link here, I didn't want it to get mixed up among all the names)

I wasn't really surprised about that. Nothing against Eveld, but while he has more experience and he's started games for USF before, Floyd is probably the more talented of the two. Once he grasped enough of the offense that Skip and Todd Fitch felt like he was ready to go, I figured Floyd would become the backup quarterback. Eveld might get the backup job back later in camp, but I feel like in the long run it's going to be Floyd.

If Floyd's capable of playing now, what does that mean for USF if they want to recruit another quarterback for the 2013 class? I used to think the Bulls might not take two QBs if Floyd became the backup, but I changed my mind on that one. Eveld will be a senior next year, so if Floyd and Asiantii Woulard are the top two quarterbacks in some order, you'd still want a #3 who you could still redshirt if he isn't needed, like USF did with Floyd last year. The problem is the one I mentioned when I wrote about Pete DiNovo. A lot of QB prospects might look at USF's upcoming depth chart, especially post-Elite 11, and figure they may never get a shot if they come here. If you're going to have two underclassmen in the top two spots, then the problem is magnified. This isn't the worst problem to have, but it's going to be tricky finding the best available prospect who isn't fazed by the line forming in front of him.

As for the time being, Fitch is back on his weird "let's play two quarterbacks!" kick.

"It's a good problem to have because if you ever do have an injury with your starter, you're going into a season or a stretch of games with really an unproven guy," he said. "You may have to play two at that point to win the games you need to win, so that's how I look at it. If both are able to do certain things in conjunction with each other, you may have to do that if one is not a complete starter at this stage in their career."

Cue John Madden telling everyone that if you have two quarterbacks, then you really have none.