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Stampeding Through the Roster: #22 WR Jonny Sitton

Shorter Hawks - CAW!! CAW!!
Shorter Hawks - CAW!! CAW!!

Anyone who plays FIFA knows that in professional soccer football, a player who won't get much playing time is often loaned to a lower-level squad so they can get some valuable time on the field pitch. The Bulls basically got the next player back from a loan to fifth-division club NAIA school Shorter University. Next thing you know, we'll be talking about B.J. Daniels volleying the ball across the pitch to winger Sterling Griffin, who dives in the box to force an extra-time spot-kick by Maikon Bonani. GOAL!!!!!!

#22 WR Jonny Sitton
Redshirt Junior, 5'8", 175 lbs.

Stats In 2011: Sitton had 735 all-purpose yards and five TDs at NAIA Shorter University. He scored at least one TD rushing, receiving, and returning punts.

Current Position On Depth Chart: Sitton is not listed on the depth chart.

How He Came To USF: Which time? Jonny initially came to USF as an all-state receiver from Indian Rocks Christian School. Then, after seeing limited time as a redshirt freshman (three punt returns for 29 yards), he headed to Shorter and got considerably more time on the field. Now he's back as a walk-on.

Recruiting Rankings: Sitton was not rated by Rivals or Scout.

Projected Playing Time In 2012: He's not listed at receiver, so he'll probably be limited to elsewhere on special teams. Perhaps he'll get some garbage time punt returns backing up Terrence Mitchell.