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Stampeding Through the Roster: #18 P Justin Brockhaus-Kann


Next up is a two-year starter whose startin' days might be fewer in 2012.

#18 P Justin Brockhaus-Kann
5th Year Senior, 6'2", 214 lbs.

Stats In 2011: JBK appeared in all 12 games in 2011. He had 62 punts, averaging 36.3 yards per punt. While the average is low, the peripherals are pretty good: JBK registered 30 fair catches, 20 punts were dropped inside the 20-yard line, and opponents only returned nine punts, totaling a whopping 19 yards returning for the season, good for fourth in the nation.

Current Position On Depth Chart: JBK is somewhat surprisingly listed second-string behind redshirt freshman Mattias Ciabatti at punter.

How He Came To USF: Justin made his way to USF after being named first-team all-state at Winter Springs High School. Also played tight end there.

Recruiting Rankings: JBK was rated two stars by both Rivals and Scout.

Projected Playing Time In 2012: It's odd to not see Bronkhaus-Kann at the top of the depth chart at punter. I'm going to disagree somewhat with what Jamie wrote when chronicling Ciabatti. While Ciabatti did have 40 yards per punt as a high school senior, JBK averaged 46 yards per punt in high school and followed it up by dropping below 40; even at punter, maintaining high school production is a challenge in college. While JBK doesn't have a huge leg, he gets plus hangtime and is good at pinning the opponent inside the 20.

That said, since he's behind Ciabatti currently, JBK will probably be reduced to backup duties, or used when punting with a shorter field. If Ciabatti can maintain his HS production, then we'll have everything covered.