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What I Want From USF Football This Season

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When I was asked to write about “what I want from USF this season”, an answer popped into my mind almost instantly… for it to not be last season! Anything but last season will be accepted. At the same time, I do have some expectations for the Bulls in 2012. There may be several things on my list but one thing has been at the top for the past six seasons.

I want to see another BIG win! As a Bulls fan I’ve been spoiled by a team that’s notorious for upsetting teams that are “superior” to USF, often on their home turf. During the last six seasons USF has managed an upset in five different opponent stadiums; four of those games were decided by three points or less; with five of those opponents being ranked in the top 25 at the time of their defeat.

It all started back in 2006 when the Bulls traveled to Morgantown to defeat the #7 Mountaineers, 24-19, in their final game of the season.

In week two the 2007 season, USF upset #13/17 Auburn on their home turf with a final score of 26-23. With two big wins under their belt there was suddenly a spotlight on the newest face to the Big East. But that was nothing compared to the Bulls win over West Virginia, when USF beat #5 WVU 21-13. That win helped the Bulls jump up the rankings to #6, #2 in the BCS, and #1 in your hearts forever.

Now USF fans had caught onto the trend and wanted more. Cue the 2008 season highlight of the 37-34 victory over the Kansas Jayhawks at Raymond James.

Top ranked opponents were no longer underestimating the Bulls, but many had their doubts when USF traveled to Tallahassee in 2009. Senior QB Matt Grothe went down the prior week’s game, which meant this victory would lie in BJ Daniels hands, who ended up as National Player of the Week. USF dominated the Seminoles with a final score of 17-7. And in 2010 the Bulls pulled out their first win versus in-state rivals the Miami Hurricanes on the road, 23-20, in what will always be known as the "Hail Eveld" game.

Which leads up to the most recent season, where there was only one true highlight; the Bulls win over ranked #16/18 Notre Dame. As I’m sure fans remember the weather during this game was a disaster, which should’ve been a warning sign to USF fans of the rest of this season. But the Bulls pulled out the win, 23-20.

I’ve been spoiled as a Bulls fan over the past few seasons; which means I’m going to need them to keep it up this season. Good thing they have a couple opportunities with Miami & FSU on the schedule.