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USF Football Camp Roundup: Mother Nature Gets In Good Reps On First Day

Rain rain, go away, come again some other day, maybe when USF is in Vero Beach practicing.
Rain rain, go away, come again some other day, maybe when USF is in Vero Beach practicing.

There won't be a camp roundup today because there wasn't a practice yesterday. Thunderstorms cut short USF's afternoon session not long after it began, and they continued to be a problem when the team tried again in the evening.

A few people took to Twitter to ask why programs like USF and Florida State don't have indoor practice facilities. Well, first of all you need somewhere to put it. And second, you want to do it right and make it sturdy enough to stand up to severe weather and hurricanes. And third, you don't want to skimp on things like air conditioning and see it turn into an uncomfortable sauna that no one wants to use unless absolutely necessary.

Now that the Athletics Village has been completed, though, it sounds like an indoor facility is next on USF's wish list:

USF athletic director Doug Woolard has said that an indoor practice fieldhouse for the Bulls is on the radar as the next facility upgrade, though such a building would likely cost $12 million to $14 million to build. Bulls coach Skip Holtz referenced that on Twitter on Monday night, thanking the weather crew from WFLA for a weather update and saying his staff would be using their forecasts regularly "until the indoor is built."

That could be another facility where a major donor gets the ball rolling, like the Morsanis did with the current practice fields, or with the Corbett Soccer Stadium. Or it could be something that USF is able to fund on their own once the checks start coming in from the Big East's eventual new TV contract. But it sounds like a project that one way or another will be underway sooner than later.