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USF Football Camp Roundup: Eat, Sleep, Meet, Practice

(Today's tagline comes from Joey Johnston's story in Wednesday's Tribune about the annual trip to Vero Beach.)

Not a whole lot to really talk about because everyone's stories were mainly focused on USF heading across the state, which of course has been covered before. This year the Vero Beach Sports Complex gave them actual football fields to work with instead of setting up in the Holman Stadium outfield. It probably makes the coaches' jobs a little easier, but on the downside, now we won't get Greg Auman wandering through the stands to find plants and weeds overtaking the place.

I did like the camp summary video on -- whoever is putting these together is doing a nice job.

Skip's interview on the site is pretty short, but Greg's video on his Times blog post runs a good four minutes or so. The official site also has interviews with Damien Edwards, Tevin Mims, Jon Lejiste (back after missing a lot of spring practice with an injury), and Luke Sager.

And since there's really nothing else to talk about at the moment -- which is a good thing considering there could be injuries or suspensions or controversy or God knows what -- enjoy this story from Joey Johnston about the connection between B.J. Daniels and Charles Barkley. This is now the third USF sport the Chuckster has been wrapped up in, after being subjected to the Heath School of Dentistry at NCAA Tournament time, and then seeing the Bulls at the Women's College World Series when he was covering the NBA playoffs. I think we get to count him as an official celebrity fan now.