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Lindsey Lamar Among Potential Redshirts On Offense

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Skip Holtz had already mentioned players like Bobby Eveld might redshirt this year because there wasn't enough playing time to go around for the depth on offense. Now we can add a few more names to that list, including a surprising one: Lindsey Lamar, the 2010 Big East special teams player of the year.

"Having four running backs with Lindsey not in the mix ...," coach Skip Holtz said. "I think Lindsey is a weapon, he's fast, he can run. A little bit rusty right now at running back. He hadn't played there in two years. I don't think he's an every-down back back there yet. I think he can truly benefit from a redshirt year. ... He would rather do that, which I totally respect."

You almost never see seniors redshirted unless they suffer a major injury and haven't already used their redshirt year. While I understand the running back depth chart is crowding out Lamar, I wonder why they tried to move him back there to begin with... particularly when it was Skip and his staff that moved him from running back to wide receiver when they got here. He caught 36 passes the last two seasons, so he wasn't totally ineffective at receiver. Still, with plenty of receivers and plenty of running backs looking for playing time, and guys like Kayvon Webster and Derrick Hopkins able to handle kick returns, it does make Lamar a bit expendable this year.

Other players Holtz mentioned as redshirt targets include sophomore wide receiver Ruben Gonzalez, sophomore fullback/tight end Tye Turner, and junior college transfer running back Michael Pierre.