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USF Bull-ogosphere: Weekend Wrap Up

USF, give this guy something to smile about.
USF, give this guy something to smile about.

Maybe USF isn't that good, but I can still watch the games, unlike the NFL. At least the college officials know what they are doing

Penalties Remain "Achilles' Heel" for The Bulls |

This quote from Skip Holtz really typifies the season so far.

"Penalties are the biggest Achilles' heel we have right now," USF coach Skip Holtz said.

TBO also notes how disconcerting it is for the defense to have zero interceptions through four games. And Lindsey Lamar is definitely a bright spot through four games this year

Penalties Cost South Florida | Tampa Bay Times

I could probably fill this entire post with links about penalties, but Greg Auman really goes into details about a number of key plays where penalties nullified progress for the Bulls. Also noted injuries in the secondary, which led to a number of third down conversions for Ball St.

Also this little nugget:

USF hadn't lost a non-conference game to a non-BCS opponent in its previous 44 chances, going back to a 2001 loss at Utah.

. . .which was the last year USF wasn't in a conference, the first year in full Division 1-A (FBS nowadays).

Daniels performance lost amid another loss |

B.J. Daniels did all he could to keep the Bulls in, throwing for 312 yards and leading the team with 75 yards rushing. He needs help with the ground game though because there were times when we need to run the ball but couldn't keep the offense on the field. Also, while there were no sacks, a lot of that was due to Daniels scrambling.

Bulls let down the Big East | ESPN Big East Blog

Andrea Adelson points to - surprise - penalties and other mistakes keeping the Bulls from winning a close game. Fewer mistakes, like not converting an extra point, and USF likely wins.

Fans Despondent after Ball State Loss | The Oracle

Rames Ali finds Bulls fans are getting tired of undisciplined teams falling "one play away." The finish at Nevada was great but we can't rely on USF to pull it out at the end every week.