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Chasing Grothe: Post-Game 4: Because I Had to Post it

Given the events in the last two games, it's doubtful that you, or B.J. Daniels, or Matt Grothe, or anyone involved with USF football is concerned with B.J.'s pursuit of the Big East all-time yardage record. No one wants to talk about how B.J. Daniels will have his name in the top of the record books. But we're bloggers, and dammit, that's what we do.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

As has become custom to USF football this year, B.J. started off slow. He handed off the ball for literally the entire first drive of the game, and, for the most part, USF ran it well. It seemed like he might never throw. Of course, it's impossible to play a football game by just handing off the whole time, so Daniels took to the air, and, with the help of Terrence Mitchell and Lindsey Lamar, made a solid statistical day with his arm. Mitchell led the team in both receptions and yards, with 6 for 99, followed by Lamar's 5 catches for 80 yards. Overall, Daniels had 19 completions for 312 yards and three touchdowns against an above-average defense. Normally, you could expect a victory out of a performance like that, but that's not why we're here. B.J. also led the team in rushing yards again, with 14 carries for 75 net yards.

387 yards was his total for the day, well past his required quota per game. So maybe he's not so bad after all. Through four games, Daniels is climbing quickly closer to the record, now with 8,938 career yards. He's almost got 1000 yards for the season already, with 965. One can only wonder what this season would look like with a sturdy offensive line.

The numbers for B.J.'s future entering the Florida State game look reachable. Now with 1,937 yards to go with eight games remaining in the season, Daniels will be looking to average 242.125 yards per game from here on if he doesn't miss a start (SIDE NOTE: THE LAST TWO POSTS HAD BAD NUMBERS. NOT SURE WHERE THEY CAME FROM, BUT THIS IS CORRECT). If his offensive line continues to collapse and he ends up missing one due to injury or anything, he'll be looking at 276.72 yards per game. I'll start looking at what he needs to get if he were to make a bowl game when we start looking like we can actually make a bowl game. But for now, just keep going over 300 yards and we'll be fine. Good luck with that FSU defense, though, I'm sure your O-line will do great.