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Protect Your Unit Game - Week 4 Results

I win by losing (less) as Vegas starts to figure it out, and everyone gets hammered.

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(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)


Not a good week at all for us fake gamblers. Several people loaded up on the West Virginia-Maryland game out of sheer howling spite against Randy Edsall, and then the Mountaineers failed to cover. And then there was a lot of fake money flushed down the drain when Louisville beat SCUMBAGS, but only by a touchdown. Plus every parlay failed, and people backed off the Rutgers game when they found out Tyler Wilson was going to play, except that the Scarlet Knights won outright anyway. It was horrible.

I lost fake money for the first time this season, but ended up expanding my lead in the contest because everyone right behind me blew up real good. Here are the pick-by-pick results, and here are the standings:

  • Jamie DeVriend, Voodoo Five: $1,278.47
  • Scott, Bearcats Blog: $1,024.59
  • Mike Nascarella, Voodoo Five: $992.45
  • Chris Lane, VU Hoops: $971.46
  • John Lamb, Owlsblog: $938.63
  • the great gunsby, intrepid reader: $897.17
  • Collin Sherwin, Voodoo Five: $854.55
  • WVUIE97, The Smoking Musket: $829.17
  • ULismyhothotsex, Card Chronicle: $819.00
  • GarySJ, Voodoo Five: $659.17
  • Kevin Meacham, Voodoo Five The UConn Blog: $597.25
  • Andrew Porter, Voodoo Five The UConn Blog: $361.23

BEST BET: A couple of people kept the faith in EcoKat and were rewarded when the Wildcats won a classic Bill Snyder game at Oklahoma. But my favorite bet of the week was ULismyhothot for basically nailing the entire BYU-Boise State debacle in his picks:

$30 Parlay: BYU +6.5, BYU-Boise State UNDER 49 points
$22 BYU +6.5
I like a low-scoring game here with a backdoor cover for BYU.

Nice call, hothot.

WORST BET: I understand betting against SCUMBAGS, but Louisville has long since proven themselves not to be trusted in this game. I don't know why Collin threw 150 fake dollars at the Cardinals unless it was just sheer bleeding hate. Honorable mention to the UConn guys who loaded up on West Virginia and were rewarded for their spite with the bottom two spots in the standings. Andrew might get to the sudden-death pick by Columbus Day. I love this game.

MOST DEGENERATE BET: I have people openly campaigning for this award now, like it's some badge of honor to throw away fake money on the most obscure game you can find on the board. WELL IT'S NOT. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. YOU DON'T PLAY JUST TO PLAY.

Where was I? Oh yeah. I enjoyed Chris's utter conviction that Miami U would not cover 25 points against UMass (and he was right), but two(!!) people independently decided to hit up Wyoming getting two against Idaho. Both Gary and gunsby win this award, because apparently you do just go into the Kibbie Dome and come out of there with a win.